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Product selling points
At present, the power of our company's straight arm truck crane comes entirely from the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil, that is, the high-pressure hydraulic oil drives the cylinder piston to reciprocate, or drives the hydraulic motor to rotate the hydraulic winch and the slewing mechanism.
So how do you get high-pressure hydraulic oil? Each truck-mounted crane is equipped with a hydraulic pump when it is matched to the vehicle chassis, and the engine provides power for it. The chemical energy of the fuel is converted into the mechanical energy of the crankshaft rotation of the engine, and then the gears of the transmission are rotated, and then the power is transmitted to the hydraulic pump through the power take-off port of the transmission, so the hydraulic pump can continuously pressurize the hydraulic oil. Provide high-pressure hydraulic oil to power the crane and achieve cargo lifting.
Competitive Advantage
Our company's straight-arm truck-mounted crane covers 1-25 tons of 14 models and 65 kinds of products, which can meet various working conditions. It has mature production and manufacturing technology with the longest boom and the largest tonnage crane in China, scientific research and development processes, and advanced Research and development technology, and new products are constantly being introduced to the market to satisfy customers' use.
The cross section of the boom of our company adopts mature pentagon, hexagon and octagon. The latest generation of product adopts U-shaped arc arm. The weight of the whole machine is reduced, the amplitude of the arm is large, the deflection is small, and the stability and resistance to deformation Improved capacity, significantly improved lifting capacity.
The application of the jib, auxiliary hoist, and auxiliary hook provides a selection basis for the crane's light load, rapid and large-scale operation and large height, and expands the field of product use. The application of the automatic hook retracting technology saves time and labor when starting and ending crane operations, enabling easy and convenient operation.


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