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Product selling points
A pin-type non-retractable crawler chassis is used to meet the stability of large-tonnage rigs and the convenience of disassembly and transportation. It has a long track and strong adaptability to the formation.
It adopts double-large vertical box-type rotary platform structure, and the operation is stable and reliable;
The power head adopts Zhuolun two-speed ratio reducer with 250 motor to realize two functions of high and low speed;
Both the main and auxiliary winches use single-row rope technology, the life of the steel wire rope is 2 to 4 times longer than that of the multi-layer rope, and the use cost is lower;
The upper main hoist is connected by a pin, with high connection strength and convenient disassembly and assembly. Box-type main hoist bracket, safe and reliable structure. The main winch meets the operating conditions of M6, and the life of the reducer can reach 10000h;
The hydraulic main and auxiliary systems adopt load-sensitive control technology, which has fast response and good control performance;
Intelligent cooling control system reduces energy consumption and achieves energy saving.
Intelligent auxiliary construction technology: automatic adjustment of the verticality of the drilling mast, automatic rotary positioning, automatic soil removal of the power head and automatic rotation of the power head
The chassis is equipped with transport legs, which is easy and safe to disassemble and transfer.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Engine parameters    
model - QSK23
Rated power (kW) - 641
Power head parameters    
Output torque (kN﹒m) - 390
Speed (r / min) - 7-18
Working parameter    
Maximum drilling diameter (mm) - φ2500
Drilling depth (m) - 105
Pressure cylinder parameters    
Maximum pressure (kN) - 240
Lifting force (kN) - 320
Maximum travel (m) - 6
Pressure hoisting parameters    
Maximum pressure (kN) - /
Lifting force (kN) - /
Stroke (m) - /
Main winch parameters    
Lifting force (kN) - 400
Hoisting speed (m / min) - 60
Para winch parameters    
Lifting force (kN) - 100
Hoisting speed (m / min) - 65
Chassis parameters    
Walking speed (km / h) - 1.2
Maximum grade(%) - 35
Minimum departure clearance (mm) - 445
Track shoe width (mm) - 800
Maximum total track width (mm) - 3500-4900
System parameters    
Drill mast inclination Lateral / Forward / Backward (°) - ±4/5/15
Working pressure (MPa) - 33
Overall weight (t) - 114
Dimension parameters    
Working state (mm) - 10265×4800×27520
Transportation status (mm) - 17615×3500×3535
Note - Parameters with "*" are the corresponding technical parameters for hoisting pressure configuration



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