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Product selling points
The digital instrument automatically displays the main construction parameters such as the actual torque and push-pull force during construction, and is easy to operate. The electronic sensing technology is sensitive to respond to instantaneous overload in a timely manner and reliably protects the rig.
The sliding of the rig relies on the oil cylinder to push and pull, combined with the front rocker arm structure, the adjustment of the penetration angle is simple, convenient and safe; the rear limit of the rig uses the triple non-collision limit with high safety.
Dual power system, all the actions of the rig can be completed when any engine is started. Combined with the proprietary multi-mode speed regulation technology and the multi-speed control technology of rotation and push-pull, the rig has a wide range of applications. Engines work, less fuel consumption, and low construction costs.
The full-floating vise has a large unloading torque and is convenient for casing installation. The patented rotatable jaw holder realizes automatic centering of the drill pipe and reliable clamping.
Overload protection technology, the rig's rotating torque, push-pull force and vise clamping force can be adjusted and digital pressure adjustment technology is adopted, which is convenient and simple to adjust and can be accurately preset.
The rotary adopts a closed hydraulic system, and the push-pull adopts a number of advanced control technologies such as load-sensitive control. The key hydraulic, electrical, and transmission components are all famous products, and the quality is reliable.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
model - CumminsQSL8.9-C360
rated power kW/r/min 2×264/2100
Push and pull    
Push-pull force kN 3600
Maximum push-pull speed m/min 25
Torque N·m 160000
Speed r/min 90
Mud pump    
Maximum flow L/min 外接
greatest pressure MPa 20
Drill pipe mm×m φ140×9.6
Truck mounted crane    
Lifting weight t 5
Lifting torque t•m 12.5
Maximum penetration angle ° 16
Maximum retraction diameter mm φ2000
quality t 58
Dimensions mm 18240×3000×3600
Note - Independent power station. Optional: Split operation room



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