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Product selling points
Adopting a number of advanced control technologies such as closed energy-saving circuit, hydraulic pilot control, load-sensitive control, energy saving, consumption reduction, flexible and comfortable operation.
The rack and pinion pushes and pulls, the transmission is stable and reliable, and the power head spindle floats to increase the service life of the drill pipe thread;
Optional power-increasing power head to realize the function of doubling the power of the power head to meet the special construction requirements;
The small size of the fuselage meets the requirements of container transportation;
Wire-controlled walking system to ensure walking safety.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
model - Cummins6CTA8.3-C260
rated power kW/r/min 194/2200
Push and pull    
Push-pull force kN 960
Maximum push-pull speed m/min 25
Torque N·m 23500
Speed r/min 135
Mud pump    
Maximum flow L/min 450
greatest pressure MPa 8
Drill pipe mm×m φ89×4.5
Truck mounted crane    
Lifting weight t 2
Lifting torque t•m 4
Maximum penetration angle ° 20
Maximum retraction diameter mm φ1000
quality t 13.5
Dimensions mm 8800×2280×2610
Note - Independent power station. Optional: Split operation room



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