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Product selling points
Two-speed power head, low-speed operation during drilling and retraction to ensure smooth construction; when the drill pipe is unloaded and returned, the power head can slide faster, reduce auxiliary time, and improve work efficiency.
Rubber tracks have little impact on roads, lawns, and scenic spots.
The floating vice of our patented technology can effectively prolong the service life of the drill pipe.
The rotatable operation table increases the operator's field of vision, reduces operator fatigue, and makes the operation of the rig simple and comfortable.
The hood design is reasonable, and it is simple and convenient when the engine maintenance and the hydraulic system change the filter element.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
model - Cummins 6BT5.9-C130
rated power kW/r/min 97/2200
Push and pull    
Push-pull force kN 180
Maximum push-pull speed m/min 23
Torque N·m 6000
Speed r/min 150
Mud pump    
Maximum flow L/min 250
greatest pressure MPa 8
Drill pipe mm×m φ60×3
Truck mounted crane    
Lifting weight t
Lifting torque t•m
Maximum penetration angle ° 22
Maximum retraction diameter mm φ600
quality t 7
Dimensions mm 6400×2150×2340
Note - Optional: 1. Antifreeze mud; 2. Mud cleaning.



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