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Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XCT110
Size parameters    
Overall length mm 19695
Full width of the whole machine mm 3000
Overall height mm 4000
Wheelbase mm 1600+2350+2135+1650+2950+1600+2950
Track mm 2540/2540
Weight parameter    
Total driving quality kg 88000
Axle load kg 10000/10000/10000/10000/12000/12000/12000/12000
Dynamic parameter    
engine model boarding OM460LA.E3A/5
Engine rated power kw/(r/min 260/1800
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min 1750/1300
engine model 下车 OM502LA.E3B/1 or OM502LA.E3A/1
Engine rated power kw/(r/min) 482.2/1800 or 480/1800
Engine rated torque N.m/(r/min) 3000/1300 or 3000/1300
Driving parameters    
Top speed km/h ≥80
Minimum stable driving speed km/h 2.4
Minimum turning diameter m ≤27
Minimum turning diameter of boom m ≤32.6
Maximum grade ≥58
Minimum ground clearance mm 382
Approach angle ° 16
Departure corner ° 20.9
Braking distance Dry and flat asphalt or concrete road, when the speed is 30km / h ≤10
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometers L 110
Main performance parameter    
Maximum grade ≥58
Maximum rated total lifting capacity t 1200
Minimum rated amplitude m 3
Lifting moment of basic boom kN·m 35280
Turntable radius mm 9270
Longitudinal m 13
Horizontal (half stretch) m 13
Lifting height    
Basic arm m 18.5
Longest main boom m 101.5
Longest main boom + jib m 128
Boom length    
Basic arm m 18.5
Longest main boom m 102
Longest main boom + jib m 131
Longest Luffing Jib m -
Working speed    
Turning speed r/min ≥1
Lifting speed (single rope, no-load, 4th floor)    
Main lifting mechanism m/min ≥136
Deputy lifting mechanism m/min -
Luffing jib luffing hoist m/min ≥128
Boom extension time    
Full extension s ≤220
Full shrink s -
Luffing time    
Full arm s ≤220
Full arm drop s -
Leg out-horizontal    
Put both s ≤40
Both s ≤40
Leg out-vertical    
Put both s ≤150
Both s ≤150


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