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Features and advantages
1. Adopting manufacturing process and applying high-strength steel, the crane has good performance and durability.
2. For key components, use national component manufacturing enterprises.
3. Equipped with double rack oil cylinder to drive the crane to turn, the overall turning torque is large, and the crane is stable.
4. The four-link luffing mechanism is adopted, which has a wide luffing range, a large operating range and flexible crane movement.
5. Equipped with a high-level operating system as standard, the crane is comfortable to operate, and the operator has a wide field of vision.
6. The joystick adopts a joystick mechanism, and a single handle can realize composite motion control.
1. The mainframe of the crane does not include grippers, fuel tanks, hydraulic pumps, etc. If you need to purchase, please contact your local dealer, we will be happy to develop a solution for you.
2. The diagrams, tables, and related data are for reference only. The company reserves the right to modify parameters and components as technology improves.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Crane model - LQZ100A
Lifting torque kN·m 80
Turning torque kN·m twenty four
Swivel angle ° 400 ± 10
Maximum boom height m 7.6
System recommended working pressure bar 260
System recommended work flow L/min 80
Total Weight kg 2100
Recommended use - Industrial and waste recycling
Crane standard configuration action - Turntable rotation
Crane standard configuration action - Inner arm amplitude
Crane standard configuration action - Outer arm amplitude
Crane standard configuration action - Outer arm telescoping
Crane standard configuration action - Gripper rotation
Crane standard configuration action - Grab opening and closing



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