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Product selling points
The power system adopts Mercedes-Benz EFI engine, which has strong power and excellent performance.
The working rotor is driven by a belt, with high efficiency and strong milling ability; four adjustable speeds to meet the grading requirements of different working conditions.
The tools are arranged reasonably, the cutting ability is strong, and the mixing is uniform; the rotor has the function of quick change of gear sleeve and cutter head, high wear resistance and long service life.
The working rotor has a slow turning function, which is convenient, safe and convenient for tool change.
The control system adopts PLC control technology, which can display and diagnose common vehicle faults online; the power self-distribution technology can reasonably and efficiently distribute the power of the engine to ensure the performance of the machine.
The spraying system adopts program control to realize intelligent sprinkler function and accurate measurement.
The walking system adopts four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering technology, which has strong traction and can realize various steering modes such as crab running and following steering.
The whole vehicle is equipped with image monitoring device, which is convenient for operators to observe the working condition of the machine in real time.
The cab has a side-slip function, which broadens the driving horizon.
The high-pressure washing device equipped with the vehicle can easily clean the dirt attached to the machine and prolong the service life of the machine.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XLZ230K
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers - MTU
rated power kW 420
Rated speed rpm 1800
Milling width mm 2300
Milling depth mm 450
Number of tools - 141
Milling wheel diameter with cutter mm 1480
Working speed km/h 0-2.4
Walking speed km/h 0-10
Working weight kg 34000
Machine length × width × height mm 9390×2995×3484



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