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Product selling points
The national III emission EFI engine has higher power and stronger power; green construction reduces environmental pollution; lower fuel consumption and more economical use.
With power self-adaptive function, it can automatically adjust the speed according to the working conditions to maximize the operating efficiency.
The milling depth is large, and the entire asphalt concrete pavement can be removed at one time; rutting is more convenient.
The mechanical drum is used to drive the milling drum, which has higher transmission efficiency than hydraulic transmission.
The mechanical folding and conveying device is simple to operate and more convenient for transportation in the field.
It adopts a four-wheel all-hydraulic traveling system to provide strong traction.
Strong climbing ability, you can climb the flatbed by yourself, saving hoisting costs.
The hydraulic shunt differential system is adopted to make the machine pass smoothly under severe road conditions.
Ergonomically designed operating system is easy to operate and reduces long-term operation fatigue.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers - Shangchai
Rated power / speed kw / rpm) 162/2200
Working speed m / min 0-45
Driving speed km / h 0-8
Gradeability % 16800
Ground clearance mm 1000
Working weight kg 300
Milling width mm 80/100
Milling depth mm 930
Number of tools Put 4837 × 2546 × 3280
Milling wheel diameter with cutter mm 7920 × 1085 × 980
Machine length × width × height mm 75
Belt conveyor length × width × height mm 180
Fuel tank L 450
Hydraulic tank L 130
Water tank L 860



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