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Product selling points
The engine adopts EFI technology, and the whole machine emission meets Euro III standards.
Adopting worm gear box with overload protection, the blade has floating function.
Load-sensing hydraulic system.
Using color LCD display, virtual instrument, with electronic detection, three-level fault alarm function.
The gearbox adopts electro-hydraulic control power shifting, and the shifting method is a king shape.
It adopts wet brake drive axle, and the brake adopts dual-circuit hydraulic system.
The interior pillars of the cab are all-inclusive, and the air-conditioning is dual-purpose.
High-strength abrasion-resistant blade with long life.
The machine meets CE certification requirements.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers -  
engine model - Cummins
Rated power / speed kW / rpm QSL9
Forward speed km / h 224/2100
Backward speed km / h 5/8/11/19/23/40
Traction force f = 0.75 kN 5/11/23
Minimum turning radius m 140
Blade length X chord height mm 9
Overall dimensions mm 4877x686
Total Weight Standard / kg 10200x3400x3700



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