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Product selling points
New design.
It adopts Guosan EFI engine with strong power and large torque reserve coefficient.
Adopts articulated frame, with front wheel steering, small turning radius and flexible maneuverability.
Electro-hydraulic controlled power shift transmission with 6 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.
The use of international supporting hydraulic parts, reliable work.
Blade action is fully hydraulically controlled.
The rear axle is a three-stage drive axle equipped with a NO-SPIN self-locking differential.
The adjustable console, seat, joystick and instrumentation are reasonably arranged, easy to use and improve driving comfort.
The cab is luxurious and beautiful, with a wide field of vision and a good seal.
The use of seat-type cooling and heating air-conditioning, optimized air conditioning air duct, to achieve the best air-conditioning effect.
It can be equipped with front bulldozing plate, rear ripper, front ripper, and automatic leveling device.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Technical Parameters    
Engine manufacturers -  
engine model - Shangchai
Rated power / speed kW / rpm SC7H180.1G3
Forward speed km / h 132/2000
Backward speed km / h 5/8/11/19/23/38
Traction force f = 0.75 kN 5/11/23
Minimum turning radius m 77
Blade length X chord height mm 7.3
Overall dimensions mm 3660x610
Total Weight Standard / kg 8900x2625x3420



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