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Product selling points
It is equipped with a water-cooled supercharged engine that meets China III emission standards, with strong power, sufficient reserves, and mature and reliable technology.
Equipped with a four-in-one compound radiator and a large-diameter powerful fan driven by a silicone oil clutch, which automatically matches the cooling air volume. Through centralized heat dissipation and separated warehouse diversion technology, it can ensure continuous work for a long time under the high temperature of 45 ℃.
The track drive has a large ground area, and uses left and right independent drive and constant speed automatic control technology to make the ride smooth and reliable.
The feeding and distributing adopts four sets of independent full hydraulic drive. The feeding level is controlled by the contact type beat, and the feeding level is controlled by the non-contact ultrasonic sensor.
The overall distribution device is lifted, electrically controlled and driven by oil cylinders, which is flexible and convenient to use.
Integrated console, centralized control of spraying and paving functions, dual-screen display, working status at a glance, spray control using touch screen operation, intuitive and simple.
Automatic leveling adopts imported non-contact leveling instrument and can be equipped with non-contact ultrasonic balance beam, which is easy to use and has high leveling accuracy.
Equipped with single-vibration hydraulic telescopic screed, vibrating beam and soleplate adopt electric heating, equipped with electric-controlled hydraulic arch adjustment, flexible use and convenient operation.
The centralized lubrication system is equipped as standard, which can automatically and uniformly supply oil to the bearings in high temperature parts.
Equipped with a pulse spraying system, it can realize the simultaneous operation of emulsified asphalt spraying and mixing paving, with high construction efficiency and good operation quality.
Five-stage spraying rod, compact structure, reasonable arrangement, high spraying accuracy, good horizontal and vertical spraying uniformity, fully meet the requirements of high-grade highway construction.
The 2200L large-capacity asphalt tank integrates an asphalt pump, a spray control handle, an emergency heating channel and a constant temperature heating device, and has an oversized inspection port, which can provide a long continuous construction distance and convenient operation and maintenance.
Equipped with electronically controlled diesel spraying device, easy to use.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - RP600
Technical Parameters    
Basic paving width m 3
MAX paving width m 12.5
MAX paving thickness mm 400
MAX paving speed m/min 18
Theoretical productivity t 1000
Engine power kW/rpm 大柴191/2000
Dimensions mm 6880×3000×3950
Total Weight t 35.8



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