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Product selling points
It adopts a full-bus CAN network control system, integrates an intelligent paving operation management system, and uses a number of invention patent technologies to achieve the coordinated operation and precise control of the entire system, thereby meeting the high-level highway asphalt surface construction requirements.
Equipped with GPS positioning system and remote fault diagnosis expert system to provide expert-level services and technical support in a timely manner.
The patented compactness automatic control patent technology based on the principle of constant vibration distance is adopted to improve the uniformity of the compactness of the road surface.
It is equipped with a supercharged intercooled water-cooled engine that meets the national phase III emission standards, with powerful power, mature and reliable.
Equipped with a three-in-one powerful composite radiator, it can ensure continuous work for a long time under the high temperature of 50 ℃ in the environment through forced centralized heat removal.
Independent driving at left and right, paving speed adopts constant speed automatic control technology, good stability at low speed.
The lengthened track design greatly increases the effective grounding area and makes the walking stable; the track beam adopts the front hinged rear flange installation method, which can adjust the height of the fuselage and perfectly adapt to the dual-mode paving operation of thin asphalt and ultra-thick stable soil;
The new receiving system with ultra-long, super-large and ultra-low design is applicable to the needs of different material carts to meet the needs of continuous paving. The left and right feeding and distribution adopt four independent full hydraulic transmissions, and the material level adopts the material beat control technology to achieve full proportion uniform feeding. The left and right material distribution devices can be conveniently moved up and down as a whole, which can adapt to different paving thicknesses and reduce material segregation. The material-dividing blade is made of high-wear-resistant alloy material, and the conveying soleplate and screed soleplate are made of imported wear-resistant steel plate, so the maintenance cycle is long.
Automatic leveling adopts imported German MOBA digital corner leveling instrument, which is easy to use and has high paving accuracy.
Equipped with a new XCMG "composite box type" screed, after optimized vibration strength optimization and structural stiffness enhancement design, the overall vibration stability is good, the anti-torsion ability is strong, and the paving flatness and compactness are high. Screed anti-deformation technology: Break through the industry's universal aspect ratio design and strengthen the design of key parts, so that the overall rigidity of the screed is significantly improved, and there is no obvious deformation after long-term high-intensity paving. Screed vibration uniformity technology: The modern design method is used to analyze and calculate the screed piece by piece independently and integrally, so that the screed has good lateral and longitudinal vibration uniformity and lateral vibration synchronization. New fast electric heating technology for screed: It is the first in China to adopt a high-power generator, and at the same time, it uses a topology-optimized heating rod structure and a new type of thermal insulation structure to heat quickly and uniformly.
Optimized tie rod support points: Use advanced design methods to optimize the support position of the tie rods of the screed, so that the amplitude of the screed drive system is greatly reduced under high-speed operation, and the vibration stability is greatly improved.
The centralized lubrication system can automatically and uniformly supply oil to the bearings in high temperature parts, reducing the labor intensity of the construction personnel.
The whole machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, good construction quality and high operating efficiency.
Equipped with diesel suction and spray system, it is convenient to maintain the paver.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - RP1655
Technical Parameters    
Basic paving width m 3
MAX paving width m 12.5
MAX paving thickness mm 400
MAX paving speed m/min 18
Theoretical productivity t 1000
Engine power kW/rpm 大柴191/2000
Dimensions mm 6880×3000×3950
Total Weight t 35.8



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