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Product introduction
1. LW180KV tire loader upgrades product emissions, reliability, comfort, and ease of maintenance while maintaining the appearance and advantages of the original K series loaders.
2. The whole machine is equipped with Guosanluotuo engine; full hydraulic steering. A variety of working devices (standard arms, high unloading arms) and auxiliary devices (quick-change buckets, forks, grass clamps, wood clamps, etc.) can be selected.
3. The hydraulic oil replacement cycle is extended to 3000 hours, far exceeding the level of the same industry, greatly reducing the user's use cost.
Performance specialty
1. It adopts long wheelbase (2300mm) design to adapt to various overweight working conditions.
2. Powerful digging (LW200KV digging force ≥58kN), strong breaking force, and light weight lifting of various materials.
3. Driving speed is up to 28km / h.
4. Multiple unloading options to meet the needs of various occasions.
Model features
1. XCMG has heavy-duty transmission and structural components, and bears heavy responsibility.
2. Streamlined appearance, large field of view glass, arc counterweight, beautiful appearance.
3. People-oriented design ensures safety and reduces fatigue.
4. It can be equipped with hydraulic pilot, FOPS and ROPS cab, air conditioning, audio, etc. for comfortable operation and safe driving.
5. The joint adopts the double sealing form of 24 ° cone + sealing ring, which has good sealing performance and reliable performance; the pipelines are combed centrally, and the direction is reasonable.
6. Guosanluotu engine, compact and reliable structure; electronically controlled single pump is economical; the machine has low noise, good oil cooling effect and high efficiency.
7. The CAE analysis of the working device can meet the requirements of effective digging under heavy load conditions, and the specially designed bucket can be inserted into the material pile with less effort. The use of wear-resistant materials greatly improves bucket life.
8. Optimized lightweight front and rear frames with reliable strength.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Overall work quality (kg) 6200
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 1
Rated working load (kg) 1800
Unloading height (mm) 2970
Unloading height standard (mm) 2680
Unloading distance (mm) 900-1000
Boom lifting time (s) 5
Triathlon and time (s) 9
Gradeability (°) 28
engine model - LR4B3ZU24/0588
Engine rated power / speed (kW / r / min) /
Tire specifications - 16/70-20
First speed (forward / backward) (km / h) 10
Driving speed second gear (forward / backward) (km / h) 28
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 6030×2060×2950
Wheelbase (mm) 2300
Track (mm) 1550
MAX Rising Force (kN) 55
MIN turning radius (tire center) (mm) 4470
Articulation angle (°) 35



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