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LW200KV low mine king


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Model features
XCMG has a heavy-duty energy-saving drive train.
XCMG features super heavy-duty structural components.
The structural parts are fully computer-aided design, which is sturdy and reliable.
A variety of professional designs for underground conditions to meet the requirements of various complex underground conditions.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Overall work quality (kg) 6400/6900(With wet bridge)
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 1
Rated working load (kg) 2000
Unloading height (mm) /
Unloading height standard (mm) 2580
Unloading distance (mm) 1090
Boom lifting time (s) 5
Triathlon and time (s) 9
Gradeability (°) 28
engine model - LR4B3ZU24/0662
Engine rated power / speed (kW / r / min) 66.2/2400
Tire specifications - 16/70-20
First speed (forward / backward) (km / h) 10
Driving speed second gear (forward / backward) (km / h) 28
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 6230×1960×2320(±80)
Wheelbase (mm) 2410
Track (mm) 1490
MAX Rising Force (kN) 55
MIN turning radius (tire center) (mm) 4720
Articulation angle (°) 35



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