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Product selling points
DL210KV wheel bulldozer is a mature and reliable product designed and developed by XCMG based on LW500KN structural platform. After full market verification, it has a good market performance.
Weichai electronically controlled high-pressure common-rail low-speed energy-saving engine has high reliability, high adaptability, and also has the advantages of low fuel consumption and low emissions. It is a product specially designed and manufactured for engineering machinery operating conditions. Engine three jobs
Mode to meet the needs of different working conditions and achieve the benefits of the whole machine.
Specially designed energy-saving planetary hydraulic transmission, using high-capacity and energy-saving twin-turbo torque converter and reinforced gearbox to match the engine.
Adopting reinforced drive axle for construction machinery, stable quality, reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Three-section heavy-duty drive shaft.
A single-layer large-pitch wind tunnel structure radiator is used. Aimed at the environment and operating characteristics of the main use of traction for tire bulldozers, a dedicated radiator was specifically designed to optimize the heat distribution and achieve the state of heat dissipation, effectively solving the problem of tire type The problem of the double variable oil temperature is too high during the bulldozing operation.
The hydraulic system uses a more reliable monostable valve structure, while optimizing the displacement of each working pump to reduce the pressure loss of the hydraulic system. The combined operation (dozing operation and tool holder lifting are performed simultaneously) is highly efficient. At the same time, the operating speed of the working device is optimized to reduce the impact of the working device even under the driver's control.
Fully enclosed micro-supercharged heating and cooling air-conditioning cab with spacious interior and wide field of vision; high-performance shock-absorbing seats combined with multi-directional adjustable steering columns can meet the requirements of different drivers;
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Operating weight (m³) 18300
Rated lifting capacity (kg) 178
rated power (kW) 146
Unloading height (MM) 3354

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