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Product selling points
DL900A wheeled bulldozer is a new generation of products that XCMG has made with its international R & D platform to fill the gap of domestic wheeled bulldozers. The machine is sturdy in structure, strong in power, stable and reliable, safe and comfortable. It can compete with foreign imported products in full benchmarking, greatly reduce the use and maintenance costs and create wealth for you!
Equipped with CUMMINS electronically controlled direct injection, turbocharged engine, high torque reserve coefficient, energy saving and environmental protection, strong power.
Split type double variable system, single-turbine three-element torque converter, manual automatic automatic gearbox, simple structure and high reliability.
Full hydraulic maintenance-free wet drive axle, fast response, stable braking, safe and reliable.
XCMG's new FOPS & ROPS pressurized cab has large space, wide field of vision, good sealing, low noise, safety and comfort.
Load sensing variable hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption by 7% and extends component life.
Double pump confluence technology improves work efficiency and reduces energy loss.
Electric control handle, convenient and flexible operation, with floating function of pusher.
The electronic monitoring system integrates sound and light alarms.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Operating weight (m³) 29000±300
Rated lifting capacity (kg) 250
rated power (kW) 270
Unloading height (MM) 4434

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