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Product selling points
LW500KV-T18 Stone Fork Loader is a special equipment developed by XCMG for various stone mining and transportation needs. After optimized design, it can fork load more than 25 tons of material (the distance from the ground should not exceed 1500mm).
The Z-shaped connecting rod mechanism specially designed for the working conditions of stone has a large digging force and strong bearing capacity. The classic double rocker structure ensures a wide field of vision.
Ultra-long wheelbase and wheelbase, overweight counterweight, good machine stability.
It adopts the national engine III, high-reliability XCMG electronically controlled fixed-shaft gearbox, and reinforced dry drive axle to achieve perfect power matching and save fuel and consumption.
High unloading height and large unloading distance, wide range of fork rotation angle, adjustable fork spacing, suitable for various stone shovel loading, turning and other operations.
26.5-25-28PR engineering tires, adapt to a variety of harsh road conditions, with super off-road performance, optional tire protection chain.
The chassis has a large height from the ground, a small turning radius, and a large departure angle, which can adapt to a variety of complex conditions.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Operating weight (m³) 21000
Rated lifting capacity (kg) 18000
rated power (kW) 162
Unloading height (MM) 2410

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