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Product selling points
XC6-3514 telescopic boom fork loader is a multi-purpose lifting and handling equipment that combines stability and high efficiency in one body, suitable for a variety of material handling environments. This model has compact mechanism, flexible operation, sensitive lifting, high net load index and precise forklift transportation.
The new ergonomic cab and the overall open hood are solid and beautiful.
Adopt brand engine, strong power; special axle box for telescopic boom forklift, stable and reliable transmission.
International top-level full-hydraulic wet brake system, smooth and reliable braking, ensuring driving safety.
Optional torque limit system can meet the requirements of extreme conditions and ensure the safety of the whole machine.
It can be equipped with forks, high-altitude platforms, buckets, and clamps to meet the individual needs of users.
The speed can reach 30km / h, and the maneuver is flexible.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Total Weight (kg) 10500
rated power (kW) 70
Rated load (kg) 3500
Lifting height (mm) 13700
Tractive force (kN) 70



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