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Product selling points
XC6 telescopic boom forklift is a domestic telescopic boom forklift with high intelligent control and safety. Electrically controlled hydrostatic transmission system, stepless variable speed drive technology, smooth and reliable operation; intelligent independent cooling system.
Model features
Panoramic cab, XCMG's visual identification design, stylish and beautiful;
Compact short wheelbase, horizontal engine layout, light and flexible;
Integrated static pressure stepless variable speed drive system to achieve full speed range driving and smooth driving;
Four-wheel drive, two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab steering modes, with super off-road capability, suitable for different construction occasions;
With frame leveling function (XC6-3514K), the site has strong adaptability to meet the needs of various working conditions;
Application of inching control technology, special overload control system, safe and reliable operation;
Electro-hydraulic proportional control of working system, accurate and stable operation.
Human-computer interaction, intelligent heat dissipation and dust removal control system show the technology and intelligence.
It can be equipped with a variety of machines such as aerial platforms, buckets, and double clamps to meet the individual needs of users.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Excavating end working device - 7450
rated power (kW) 90
Total Weight (kg) 3000
Bucket capacity (m³) 6950
Bucket capacity (m³) 55



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