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Product selling points
XC760K is a new skid steer loader independently developed by XCMG. This product has strong power and abundant equipment, and can adapt to small space operations. It is an ideal tool for road construction, municipal maintenance, terminal loading and unloading, garden maintenance, and ranch production. It has low cost and economic benefits.
Equipped with well-known brand engines, strong and reliable.
Adopting hydrostatic transmission technology, the transmission is stable and the efficiency is high.
High-strength steel, strong and reliable.
Integral frame, optimized layout, compact structure.
The driving speed exceeds 12km / h, the transition is fast, and the maneuverability is good.
The load distribution is reasonable, the on-site turning is flexible, the turning radius is small, and the site is adaptable.
Dozens of attachments are available to meet different operation needs.
International standard quick-change connector, high degree of universality, can quickly change different attachments.
The cab is arranged according to ergonomic design, and all operating elements are within easy reach.
The cab can be turned back at a large angle, and the rear cover and the upper cover can be opened for daily maintenance.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Excavating end working device - 0.6
rated power (kW) 60
Total Weight (kg) 1100
Bucket capacity (m³) 3670
Bucket capacity (m³) 2405

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