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Product selling points
XC870K / XC870HK is a new K series backhoe loader launched by XCMG. It is based on the mature products and technical performance of existing products, and carries out upgrade upgrades such as engine emission upgrades, structural lightweighting, and work device parameter optimization to further improve product comfort, safety, maintainability, reliability, and guarantee And economical.
The overall layout and bridge load distribution are reasonable, the driving stability is good, the driving speed can reach 40km / h, and the transition speed is faster;
The domestic hydraulic system distribution technology is energy-saving and efficient; the flow is 154L / min, which meets the needs of attachment configuration;
Can be equipped with a variety of high temperature, high cold, plateau, high dust and other environmentally adaptive technologies, users can customize according to the needs of use;
The loading end digging force industry is 15% -20% higher than similar models; the digging end structure, hinge point, bucket corner industry are large, and the soil holding capacity is strong.
XC870K adopts center-mounted spread-wing outriggers, with beautiful appearance, strong carrying capacity and high stability.
XC870HK adopts side-shifting H-shaped outriggers to ensure stable work, while the excavating device has side-shifting functions and a wide range of excavation.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Excavating end working device - Side shift
rated power (kW) 74.9 / 82
Total Weight (kg) 8200
Bucket capacity (m³) 1
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.25

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