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Product selling points
LW300FV wheel loader is an upgraded product launched on the basis of XCMG classic model LW300FN.
The product adopts the design idea of ??"inheriting the classics, innovating and improving". The main components adopt the classic configuration that has been tested for many years. The structure is simple, the reliability is high, the versatility is good, the quantity is large, and the maintenance is simple. On this basis, the work performance, work efficiency, comfort, reliability, and safety have been comprehensively improved. It is an excellent "full working condition adaptable" product.
LW300F series loaders have maintained a long-term sales position in China's 3-ton loaders.
New skeleton structure cab, VDO instrument, large space, wide field of vision and comfort.
It adopts mature and classic transmission parts, and the fixed axle box is matched with the engine to save energy and high efficiency.
Traction force ≥9.0 tons, digging force ≥12.0 tons, working ability, conquer various harsh working conditions.
Optimized bucket shape, low insertion resistance, high full bucket coefficient, and outstanding digging ability.
The wheelbase is 2600mm, the turning radius is 5165mm (the center of the tire), the maneuverability is flexible, and the field adaptability is strong.
It can be equipped with a variety of tools such as large buckets, wood clamps, grass-grasping forks, pipe grabs, and sweepers to meet a variety of working conditions.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 1.5~2.5
Rated load (kg) 3000
rated power (kW) 92
Total Weight (kg) 10600±200
Unloading height (mm) 2770~3260
MAX Breakout Force (kN) 130



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