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Product selling points
LW900KN wheel loader is a new generation of products that XCMG has made with its international R & D platform. The machine has a sturdy structure, strong power, stability, reliability, safety and comfort. It is a production equipment for ports, logistics and large mines.
Scientifically matched, deeply optimized drive train, gearbox and drive axle, reliable.
Long wheelbase and heavy-duty design, 3D simulation analysis and optimization of structural parts to meet the requirements of harsh working conditions.
Load-sensitive variable technology is used to provide pressure and flow according to the needs of the operation, improving fuel utilization efficiency by more than 10%.
Newly integrated FOPS & ROPS silent cab, mainstream European and American style, large space, high safety, wide field of vision, and comfortable operation.
Equipped with an independent cooling system and a single-row large-pitch radiator, it completely solves the heat balance problem in various harsh environments.
Depending on the material and operating conditions, a bucket of 4.0 ~ 7.0m³ can be selected, and the unloading height can reach 3.9m.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 5
Rated load (kg) 9000
rated power (kW) 250
Total Weight (kg) 31000
Unloading height (mm) 3400
MAX Breakout Force (kN) 260



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