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Product selling points
LW1100KV is the main model of XCMG V series large tonnage wheel loader, leading the development of domestic industry. Based on customer needs, relying on international research and development platforms, comprehensively improve product reliability, comfort, and ease of maintenance.
This product has a heavy-duty design, is sturdy and reliable, and has key components for international support. It is widely used in the production operations of major mining, logistics, cement and steel companies.
The front and rear frames are designed with heavy-duty super-strong, high strength and strong carrying capacity. The layout is reasonable, the structure is concise, the profile and irregular welds are reduced, and the important load bearing parts are strengthened. The automatic welding technology can provide the strength and durability of MAX.
After optimized design, the Z-type reversing six-link mechanism with single rocker arm, short tie rod, and vertical boom cylinder, electro-hydraulic proportional control, lifting limit and automatic leveling at any position, greatly improve the operation of the whole machine. Performance and operational efficiency.
Load sensing variable hydraulic system, saving energy and reducing consumption; intelligent independent reverse cooling system, saving energy and reducing noise, reducing radiator maintenance time;
Choose standard mode or economic mode according to shovel loading materials, improve fuel economy by more than 10%;
New international fully enclosed micro-supercharged heating and cooling air-conditioning cab with spacious interior and wide field of vision. High-performance shock-absorbing seats combined with multi-directional adjustable steering columns can meet the requirements of different drivers. New digital combined instrumentation with fault diagnosis. And alarm function, follow-on operation handle, within easy reach, comfortable and convenient operation.
Electronically controlled engine, low speed and high torque, strong power, switching between standard mode and economic mode, to meet the needs of different working conditions, to achieve the perfect match of the efficiency and fuel consumption of the whole machine.
Fully automatic electronically controlled transmission, with neutral start protection, gear lock function, KD gear function, power cutoff function, fault self-diagnosis function.
Full hydraulic wet brake drive axle, temperature-controlled intelligent cooling system, optional differential lock, which improves the adaptability of working conditions and greatly extends the service life of the drive axle.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Rated bucket capacity (m³) 5.5
Rated load (kg) 1100
rated power (kW) 291
Total Weight (kg) 35000
Unloading height (mm) 3450
MAX Breakout Force (kN) 290



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