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Product selling points
The vehicle has a compact design, a small and beautiful appearance, a small turning radius, good maneuverability and no pollution.
The machine has a low center of gravity, and the vehicle has good stability during cornering and driving.
Multifunctional LCD instrument with beautiful appearance and comprehensive display information.
The spacious operation space and the low-level boarding and disembarking pedal make it easy for the operator to get on and off.
Equipped with a safe and convenient emergency button, the vehicle's power source can be cut off instantly in an emergency, increasing safety.
Special reduction gear box and drive axle assembly for tractor, compact structure and stable transmission.
The position of the entire vehicle can be adjusted by the jog switch at the rear of the vehicle body, which avoids the driver's repeated operation of getting on and off the vehicle, and the operation is accurate and efficient.
The new AC power system provides power, precise speed regulation and regeneration functions for reliable operation.
The AC motor is maintenance-free, reducing maintenance costs, while improving reliability, high efficiency, reliability, and long life.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XCT-PS60
Rated carrying capacity (kg) 6000
Lifting height (mm) Rubber wheel
Fork minimum height (mm) 2020/1140
Overall length / length / width (mm) 145
Fork size (mm) 1745
Fork clearance (mm) 9.0 / 13
MIN turning radius (mm) 4500/1500
Travel speed (full load / no load) (km/h) Hydraulic brake
Lifting speed (full load / no load) (mm/s) XCT-PS60



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