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Product selling points
Powerful maintenance-free AC motors, coupled with gearboxes, brakes and drive wheels, ensure reliable vehicle performance and reduce operating costs. No matter it is smooth acceleration or fast acceleration, the AC drive system can show the most vividly.
The design of the long handle allows the operator to maintain a certain safety distance from the vehicle body while working effectively, and has a smaller operating force than the short handle.
The controller's IP54 protection level can effectively resist dust and splashing water. The upright AC drive motor and brake system make it unaffected in harsh working environments.
The optional side-pull battery can be quickly replaced by a trailer to meet the needs of operators operating the vehicle multiple shifts.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XCC-PW20
Rated carrying capacity (kg) 2000
Lifting height (mm) 125
Fork minimum height (mm) 85
Overall length / length / width (mm) 1735/595/729
Fork size (mm) 60/173/1150
Fork clearance (mm) 540/685
MIN turning radius (mm) 1490
Travel speed (full load / no load) (km/h) 6.0/6.0
Lifting speed (full load / no load) (mm/s) 22/30


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