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XCC-P20 (performance version)


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Product selling points
All series are equipped with AC drive motor, gearbox and electromagnetic controller, and the vehicle speed can reach 8km / h.
The integrated pedal and protective arm and the new internal structure of the vehicle body shorten the MAX limit of the entire vehicle length of the truck and achieve the turning radius of MIN in the industry. The pedals of the floating structure make the operation comfortable.
The ergonomic control handle, through the reliable control system and non-contact lifting and lowering rocker switch settings, improves the comfort of the operation, while greatly extending the service life of the handle.
Optional password lock, you can manually enter the password, and also supports swipe card startup, which greatly simplifies the authorization operation process and meets the needs of multiple people. Optional built-in charger simplifies charging for low-intensity working conditions.
The optional side-pull battery can be quickly replaced by a trailer to meet the needs of operators operating the vehicle multiple shifts.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XCC-P20 (performance version)
Rated carrying capacity (kg) 2000
Lifting height (mm) 115
Fork minimum height (mm) 80
Overall length / length / width (mm) 1536/386/540
Fork size (mm) 47/160/1150
Fork clearance (mm) 540
MIN turning radius (mm) 1336
Travel speed (full load / no load) (km/h) 4.8/5.2
Lifting speed (full load / no load) (mm/s) 17/22


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