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Product selling points
The handle is made of elastic material for comfortable operation, insulation and shock absorption, which optimizes operator comfort. All switch buttons are integrated in the humanized touch position for easy operation. Built-in password lock and LCD display for intelligent control of the car.
The whole vehicle can realize the function of walking with the handle in an upright position, ensuring that the vehicle can safely make turns and other operations in a truck, elevator, or a small space.
The frame uses metal covers to protect internal components. The fork is designed with a large foot seal, which allows quick access to the pallet. All models are equipped with balance wheels as standard, making the body stable and reliable.
With independent charging interface, you can charge the car without removing the battery. The maintenance-free intelligent lithium battery and high-power charger with the built-in BMS battery management system are standard equipment, ensuring that the excellent performance of the battery can be intelligently controlled and quickly charged.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XCC-LW15
Rated carrying capacity (kg) 2000
Lifting height (mm) 115
Fork minimum height (mm) 80
Overall length / length / width (mm) 1536/386/540
Fork size (mm) 47/160/1150
Fork clearance (mm) 540
MIN turning radius (mm) 1336
Travel speed (full load / no load) (km/h) 4.8/5.2
Lifting speed (full load / no load) (mm/s) 17/22


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