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Product selling points
Break through the limitations of forklift industrial modeling design in the industry, and create a new look of Xugong's structural sculpture.
The application of XCMG's XEC electronic control matching technology provides multiple speed selection modes to meet the needs of different working conditions. Good lifting speed and increased safety mode, simplifying the operation difficulty. The integrated drive axle achieves a 17% climb through precise electronic control tuning.
XCMG's XEC electronic control matching technology optimizes the smoothness of starting, acceleration and braking of the product, while improving the comfort of operation, and strengthening the protection of goods and people. The hydraulic system adopts a double seal form in which a 24 ° cone and an O-ring coexist, which greatly reduces the possibility of leakage of the hydraulic system. The current sixth-generation hydraulic cylinder is adopted to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Cover-free tool-less disassembly, large maintenance space, and maintenance location within easy reach.
Based on ergonomics, a two-degree-of-freedom steering steering mechanism with XCMG's independent intellectual property rights is deployed in the industry to create a comfortable operating experience.
Product configuration
project unit parameter
Parameter item - XCB-P30/L30
Power mode - Lead acid (XCB-P) / lithium battery (XCB-L)
Rated lifting capacity (kg) 3500
Machine quality (kg) 5180
Lifting height (mm) 3000
Free lifting height (mm) 145
Height when mast is retracted (mm) 2060
MAX running speed (full load / no load) (km/h) 15.5/17
MAX grade (full load / no load) (%) 15/17


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